Staging Puget Sound LLC

Before, this small den was exceedingly dark. You work facing the wall, while your back is to the
​entrance.  There is no place for a visitor to sit.

After staging, the workspace has a two-window view. Lighting and fresh colors make the entire space
​more welcoming.  Now, a visitor can sit and converse with you while you work!

Here's an example of how YOUR home can appear !

We cover Puget Sound including Auburn & Seattle-Tacoma, 
with concentration in the South King County area.

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Home Staging Service Types

Choose one of our services below to begin.

Example: Before & After Staging a Home Office

The Walk-Through.

The stager visits your home, and walks through with you, describing 
recommended changes that will enhance your property. For the Do-It-Yourself client, 
this is often described as a consultation.            The fee is $250.

The One Day Stage for an Occupied Home

​​The home stager and staff join you in your home. Working together, we transform your
space, to create the needed appeal for the property. We only use your furnishings and
​accessories to create the transformation.       Fees beginning at $500 (approximately 4 hours)

Full Stage for a Vacant Home (Free Initial Consultation included)

Staging Puget Sound provides the entire professional service, as well as the furnishings and accessories. Professional fees are a one-time investment. Pricing for the initial month for a full stage begin at $2,000, which includes the furnishings, delivery and set-up. After
​30 days, a daily or monthly fee applies.

Refresh your Residence

If you are NOT preparing to sell, you may want a new face on an existing space.

Quick Change for a Party or Celebration​

A temporary redo with all the trimmings to make that gathering fabulous!

Room Redesign

For those wanting architectural, color and interior design changes.

Specialty Services​

Design work for print media & TV advertising.