Edi Keech, Bachelor of Architecture,

Lifetime Accredited Staging Professional Master

When you place your home on the market for sale it becomes a product.  Similar to a product on the shelf at your local store, the product has features and benefits as well as pluses and minuses, and there is always competition. To counter this competition in the marketplace, the product must be priced right and look better than other products for sale.  Your home is no different, it is one of many homes for sale.  You must present it to the buyers in the best possible way, and that means that you need to get it StagedStaging Puget Sound LLC is here to help!

Here's one of our most recently staged homes!

Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price, condition or location.  Using a proven professional set of guidelines, Staging Puget Sound LLC will work with you, room by room, inside your home and all around the outside to get it Staged in the best way possible for the least amount of investment.

What is Home Staging?



In the photo on the left, overgrown trees obscure the entrance and windows of this home.
Staging Puget Sound LLC effected a change. After the trees have been removed, the house seems larger and more welcoming.

We cover Puget Sound including Auburn & Seattle-Tacoma, 
with concentration in the South King County area.

Exterior Staging® Example

Home Staging Defined

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Home Staging Defined

This Kenmore home had multiple offers, SOLD the first weekend at above listing price!!!!!

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